Chand Svare Ghei


I am a civil servant. I devote myself to all kinds of fun and my hobbies.

Web Design I have designed/assisted several web pages for projects, companies as well as friends. I think that web design is about information flow - esthetic - readability as well as adding something unique.


Like most people I love to get spellbound by the big screen. I work hard to have the best possible home-cinema at home. In addition I create movies.
Music A few persons in my childhood is responsible for making me an immense pleasure addict of music. To understand the subtleness of the silence between the notes . I also compose music myself and play (air) guitar.
Books My fondness of reading is also the direct responsibility from a chosen few from my childhood. And as you already guessed I also write myself: short-stories, books, poems, articles and reviews.
Programming I like to create stuff. So being a computer fan I discovered early if only by chance how to manipulate these silicon monsters to do what I wanted. Since then I have made games, demo's and software.
Games All real computer love starts and ends with games. Few people have played more games than I have. I sweep every system and platform to play all the best and sometimes not so good games. For all its worth I do the same with software as well.
Engineering "It's a shiny thing - I don't know what it does - but I like it!" I love tinkling with hardware. One of my favorites is routers and networking. But generally all kind of stuff.
Parties Reading the above one could easily think I am a completely nerd and sociopath but even for me there is hope somewhere. Of course I enjoy other things more close to what's real in life. Parties is one of them: The escape from daily life into a bottle of Cuba Libre.

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