Do you have it in you to become a ninja?

Chand Svare Ghei is starting up a street team whose members will be known as ninjas. 

street team is a group of people that market a brand or product simply for their passion on the subject. An author street team is a group of fans that love an author’s books and is willing to spread links on social networking sites, by word of mouth, etc.
What are some of possible covert and unorthodox tasks for the ninjas ?

  • Disguise yourself as a moderator for’s Facebook page.
  • Carefully influence history by creating and distributing/posting photographs related to (Could feature books or merchandise.)
  • Carefully influence history by creating and distributing/posting digital art related to
  • Thoroughly introduce deep level entries in your personal blog or similar information based forum.
  • Swiftly visit local libraries; request them to shelve books by Chand Svare Ghei.
  • Jump out of the shadows to recommend books or movies by Chand Svare Ghei.
  • Diligently spread related links through various sites all over the world wide web.
  • Master the elements of information and write online reviews (honest) at popular book pages. (Amazon, ibooks, bokkilden, etc)
  • Recruit more ninjas for the cause.

What do ninjas get for their loyalty and determination to promote the author’s books?

  • Receive exclusive newsletters with inside information about
  • Receive a free e-book. (“Mørket – Håpet”)
  • Receive special thanks on the Facebook page.
  • Your own ninja nickname of choice.
  • Get valuable experience in modern promotion.
  • Have a lot of fun.

How do you become a ninja?
E-mail Chand Svare Ghei directly at Be sure to put “I want to become a ninja” in the subject line. Include the following in your email:

  • Name, Facebook profile link (if you have one), and email contact information.
  • What makes you a particular great ninja and how will you contribute.

Note:  You can only become a ninja if you are ready for the tremendous effort of being a real ninja and are approved by Chand Svare Ghei. 

The Grand Master ninjas are:

The Shadow - Stein Kjetil Løkken
Solreis - Sonata Jaseliunaite
Renja - Renate Wejset
Geir Rune Ladehaug - Arne Martin Barlund
Snikende Zebra - Tove Maria Gundersen

You can play the Ninja bootcamp game by Josh Hughes for free!! Windoze platform, 1080P - no tech support provided. Ninjas


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