Magnetic Silver Sleeves is Arne and Løkki.
Magnetic silver Sleeves is dead, sorry. However it might be possible that we will hear more from Arne and Løkki in the future.)

The debut album ooze of fresh magnetic music, and there is no doubt that they want to conquer your mind.

  1. teen h sea  
  2. sunday  
  3. i aim to please download free MP3
  4. love is reels  
  5. neon lights  
  6. smile  
  7. squidely  
  8. killing people  
  9 mt. goats  
  10. garage door  
  11. into the  
  12. far away  
  13. etc.  


The Album is recorded at several locations in Norway over the last years. Some of the songs was re-recorded early before the release. The production is done over a few late nights at The Hippogriffs studio. The first early Master (at this point the band was named Hellcat and the Album was named: How they discovered the universe) was stolen in Oslo before the release. However after that the band settled for the name: Magnetic Silver Sleeves both for the band and the Album. The cover was totally changed and so was a bit of the material on the CD. The releaseparty 16. June at the Øya Festival in Norway was a huge success. If you do not have the album (who are you anyway?) you can get a small taste of what to expect by downloading the free MP3.