Taking good care of your health is paramount for a long and happy life. Here are some tips to help you along the way. Remember that any help initiative should always be coordinated with your doctor.

Food Most people, even if they believe it or not, do not get the amount of variety in the ways of food, which is needed. Basically anybody should try to introduce more variety. Basic rules are, less meat, less processed food, more fruit, berries and vegetables. For diary products the rule is the same, try to get those, which are less processed.

You are what you eat, is often said as a joke, but its more true than you think. Your body takes a part of what you eat and drink and turns it into the new cells created in your body. The better quality of what you eat, the better quality do you become.

Even though there are incentives to which say that there is little different between organic food and not, this is not true. It is true that organic food is no hocus pocus, it is simply food created in the way it is meant to be, less industrial poison and more of the good juice. You can easily try it yourself at home, compare an organic potato to a non-organic potato. Store them for a while and see the difference on which one gets the most growth (which is life).

It can also be smart to complement your eating with some multivitamin. Be aware though that multivitamins can have a bad effect as well. A) If you get too much of it. B) A lot of multivitamins are synthetic or partially synthetic, which are not good for you. C) A lot of vitamins are industrially produced and includes all kind of traces of poisonous products. D) A lot of vitamins are presented in a form which is not easy for the body to pull nutrition from. Therefore the tips would be to go for something as organically and raw produced as possible. For example: Garden of life. Garden of Life mykind Organics Men's Once Daily, 60c Organic Tablet  Garden of Life mykind Organics Women's Once Daily Multi, 60 Organic Tablet


Everybody knows that the key to a good tooth and mouth care is by total introducing a multicaring system. A good approach is to go for ayurvedic medicine, which has been tried and tested for thousand of years. For toothpaste use an aurvedic or ayurvedic inspired toothpaste with for example neem (and or peelu) Auromere Herbal Toothpaste, Original Licorice, 4.16-Ounces (Pack of 4) or Organique Toothpaste Neem & Pomegranate Himalaya Herbals 5.29 oz Paste For mouthwash use something similar:  Auromere Mouthwash Ayurvedic, 12 Fluid Ounce In addition to that, to stimulate strong gums use Vicco tooth powder. Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Tooth Powder 100g Traditional toothpicks and/or dental floss is also recommended.


Home SPA Even if its not truly ayurvedic, only is borrowing some inspiration from it, (and therefore contains all kinds of stuff) there is little that can beat the scrub and body cream from Rituals. Be prepared for a exclusive treat at home. Rituals Ayurveda Collection

Soap, washing and laundry. Again, for your day to day products which you use, both you, your family and the environment around you will be happier if you chose to use organic products for your personal soaps, washing and laundry.

Laundry: True Organic Rain Laundry Detergent 2L, plus naturally softens. PEDIATRICIAN RESOURCE, sensitive skin care. USA
Hand Soap: Auromere Ayurvedic Bar Soap, Himalayan Rose, 2.75 Ounce
Dishwasher: Ecover Automatic Dishwashing Tablets Zero, 25 Count, 17.6 Ounce
Dishwashing: Ecover Dishwashing Liquid, Grape Fruit and Green Tea, 32 Fluid Ounce
Shampoo: SALE Organic Shampoo - All Natural Shampoo - Sulfate, SLS, Paraben Free - Ayurvedic Rare Herbs - Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Ingredients (Lavender (9 oz) - For Normal Hair)
Conditioner: All Natural Organic Hair Conditioner for Volume & Control
Facewash: Purifying Neem Face Wash - Himalaya - (150 ml)

High Blood Pressure A suggested an potential powerful duo to reduce your blood pressure (and provide other advantages) is : Tulsi and Pomegranate  DR WAKDE's Organic Tulsi capsules and Nature's Way Pomegranate, 60 Vcaps

Anti - Inflammatory An ancient ayurvedic medecine and effective anti-inflammatory is Boswellia. DR WAKDE's Organic Boswellia capsules (Salai Guggul)

Stress Stress is such a common symptom in the modern world. Of course an easy fix could be to move to the country and start doing less in general, but if that is not an option then there is the few and usual tips:

Exercise. Exercise has always been an excellent stress reliever, and it can be as easy as go for a walk.

Meditation. Meditation is now a scientifically proven method against stress, and best of all it is free. Why not learn a few meditation technics and start already today.

And of course there is Tulsi: WAKDE's Organic Tulsi capsules

Allergy Himalaya Herbals (modern day ayruvedic inspired medicine) Bresol can help with allergy and breathing related issues. Himalaya Bresol - The Breathing Solution(haridra+tulasi+vasaka)

Cough Himalaya Herbals (modern day ayruvedic inspired medicine) Septilin is one of the best cures for cough and respiratory issues. Himalaya Septilin/Immunocare

Anti-wrinkle cream Although the best anti-wrinkle creams are expensive serums, the Himalaya Herbals’ version can not be beaten on price vs effectiveness. Himalaya Anti-wrinkle Cream 50 g

Sun-Protection The common sunscreens are often mass-produced with cheap ingredients which does not necessarily promote well being. The best protection and skin care is done by products which are as natural as possible. Alba Aloe Vera Sunblock SPF 30, 4 Ounce or Alba Botanica Hawaiian, Coconut Dry Oil Sunscreen SPF 15, 4.5 Ounce

You can also choose to add anti insect repellant 3 In 1 Natural And Organic Sunscreen, Insect Repellent And Moisturizer - Citronella And Lemon - 7oz  or

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