Long live

In many ways the emulator scene is accused for piracy. I must disagree! The Emulator scene does in many ways bring back nostalgic memories from computer childhood. However nowadays it has been more and more common and popular to emulate high end console systems. We all know what lawsuits have originated from it. Because of the difficulties with copyright and piracy regarding emulators many have tried to kill the scene. However you find piracy on every platform also existing ones, this is no secret. Trying to kill the emu-scene because of piracy is a bit like banning PCs of the same reason - stupid right? Emulators are not piracy! Because of its pressure the emulator developers is actually quite good at being on the right side of the law. Among the user you find all kind of people, also pirates. Don't kill the valuable scene! Let emulators live. Emulators are a really great contribution to us all! Many emulators are nowadays developed as freeware or even as OpenSource and a part of making software a global gift.


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