the Claim of Fame



Executive Producer

Star Trek: Deception.

 Rubber Duck.





Assosiate Producer Still.
The Empire.

 In a book

- Featured as a character in the comic book: The adventures of White Cat Volume 2.
- Featured as a character in the book Sorrowmoor.

- Appears inside the comic book Scarlet Huntress: tales through time.
- Appears as a character inside the book Night Terrors: Eye of the Living Shadow.
- Inside the comic The Fog Walkers.
- Featured in a short story in the anthology: Help fund my robot army!!!
- Starring inside, as well as my own game in the comic book Super Blow the Cartridge.
- Featured as a character inside the comic Bullet Face: Daydream.
- A character inside the anthology Pangea.
- A character inside the trilogy Star Trek: The Romulan War.
- Starring a fictional character in the book THe Side of Good / The Side of Evil.
- Stars as a charactger in Anthony Cupitts second Guardians book.


In a game


- Living inside the game Drifter as a virtual character.

- Localization to Norwegian of the game Lilly Looking Through.

-  Living inside the game Elite: Dangerous.

- Chasvag is a star system inside the game Predestination.

- Name inscribed into the dungeon in the game War of the Overworld.

- Founder of LA Game Space.

- Scribed inside a ancient book inside the Mage's tower in the game.

- Chasvag is a city inside the game. Worlds of Magic.

- A simulated person inside the game Satellite Reign.

 - Soldiers inside the game Shiden.

 - You'll find ingame items based on the Chasvag universe in the game Sim Hero.

- In game items and heroes based on the Chasvag universe in the game Darkest Dungeon.

- In the game Bolt Riley.

- A policeman inside the game This Is The Police.

- An enemy in the game 12 is better than 6.

- An ancestor in the game Sol Trader.

- Hidden in Zagor's crypt in the game The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.




In a movie


- Stars as a WASP in the short film Wasp's Nest.

- Produces of season 1 of the TV series Halsn°y.

- The Dragon Tatoo guy in Life as a Mermaid season 2.



In music


- Turrican Soundtrack Anthology - thanks, printed in the Vinyl sleeve.

- I got insulted by Ben Daglish and I liked it.






- Thanks in the game Carmagedodon: Reincarnation.
- Thanks in the book Menial: Skilled labor in science fiction.
- Thanks in the game Kitaru.
- Thanks for prototype testing of the Retrocade synth.
- Thank you in the comic book reMIND.
- Thanks in the game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.
- Thanks in the game Pillars of Eternity.
- Thanks inside the game Broken Sword V.
- Thanks in the game Sword of Fargoal 2.
- Thank you to Chand in the cookbook: Medium rare and back again: A Tolkien cookbook.
- Thank you in the book Elite:Reclamation.
- Thank you in the book Mostly Harmless.
- Thanks in the game Zogar's Gaze.
- Thanks in the movie Zombie Hunter.
- Thanks in the game Torment: Tides of Numenera
- Thanks in the book Hollow World.
- Thank you in the game. Divinity: Original Sin.
- Thanks in the game Godus.
- Thanks in the book Pixies: A visual history.
- Thanks in the music album Heroes of Video Game Music.
- Thanks in the game A Ghost Song.
- Thanks in the movie Man from Reno.
- Thanks in the movie Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan.
- Thank you in season 3 of the TV series Advetures of the League of S.T.E.A.M.
- Thank you in the movie Magnetic.
- Thank you in the TV series Star Trek continues.
- Thanks in the music album The Best of SNES.
- Thanks in the adventure game Dropsy.
- Thanks in the short movie featurette Trenches.
- Thanks in the webseries All New Adventures of Morph.
- Thank you in season 3 of the webseries Space Janitors.
- Thanks inside the movie Star Trek - Horizon.
- Thanks in the game Rogue Stormers
- Thanks for Star Trek New Voyages
- Thanks in Console OS.
- Thanks from Deca.
- Thanks in the short film Star Wars: White Armour.
- Thanks in the movie Cyborg X.
- Thanks in the short series Kosmos.
- Thanks in the short story The World of Willows.
- Thanks in the comic book To The Moon.
- Thanks in the documentary Back in Time.
- Thanks in the movie Mythica 2.
- Thanks in the book The Death of Dulgath.
- Thanks in the documentary For the love of Spock.
- Thanks in the book The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels.
- Thanks in the documentary Growing the 8 Bit Generation.
- Thanks in the webseries Batman Beyond.
- Thanks in the movie We all fall down.
- Thanks in Datormagazin Retro.

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