Best C64 Games:

While I was updating this section, I came to remember more and more games that deserves a place on my list - Lost times return. So chances are that I will put some more games in.
  Lazy Jones This lazy guy is just like me (hmmmm)
    Well, this is certainly a game that's made for us lazy men. Sneaking around avoiding work so you can play Arcades in stead! I wonder how Lazy Jones 3D would be.....
  The Boss The early stages of football management
    Well, I think Championship Manager fans would get quite a chock seeing this game today But at the time this manager was great. I really spent time on this one.
  Olympic Skiier Simple but addictive
    Well, this game does not show the greatness of the C64. It's just a simple addictive game. Still quite playable!
  Powerdrift The best C64 racing game!!!
    I know many people disagree to this one. But I feel that no other C64 racing game gave the same feeling of speed and also had such gfx as Powerdrift had.
  Terrys big adventure - Why took you so long?
    Well, cute platformer, but also a really hard platformer. When I say hard I mean like hard, much more difficult than Mario and such. Are you a platform fan and would like a real challenge. Get yourself a C64 emulator and this game. You won't regret.
  World Games/Summer Games ...Numerous hours of fun
    Well, actually I hate to put this in the top games section, but the truth is that all these (...) games, games where the loading time where as long as a steep hell, gave us great multiplay and a lot of fun. Many have tried to do the same again on today's top-end systems but usually it's failure.
  Pirates! This gave me sleepless nights, because I had to rescue my sister
    Anyone missed this title, is not entitled to call himself a gamer at all. This games let you be a pirate on the high seas, doing all the nasty pirating stuff that Monkey Island will not allow you.
  Below the Root Great adventure game
    The funny thing about C64 is that there is SO many titles and such a jungle to find some of the best titles. And what a pity it is as some of the games are really masterpieces! This game is an interactive adventure controlled a bit like a joint between Flashback and a Lucasart adventure. Really great story, good gameplay, I just wish I had the book!
  Law of the West To kill or speak?
    This game certainly goes for the speak kinda thing. I mean spoiled Playstation and PC brats would do good to tryout some ancient C64 classics to see that there where great games before Lucasart and 3D.
  Defender of the crown A winner
    This is again a game that everybody knows. Maybe a bit undeserved? I am not sure... However you easily got hooked. Every strategy game lover should have a glance on this to see how it was done back then. Not at all bad.
  Great Giana Sisters This is the classic platformer over all platformers
    Well, yes this game is a Mario brothers copy and everybody knows. And everybody have played it..... And so on, however it is much better than Mario (No wonder that Nintendo got scared!) and playes like a dream, at least on the C64. I actually made 6 or 7 sprite altered versions of this game.
  Zak Mc Kracken This adventure is just so fun
    Well, Lucasfilmgames/Lucasart can be proud of making all the best computer adventures there is. Zak was my first (and that's why I have made a tune to honor it). I still think it has an edge over the others, even Monkey Island, I guess it is because Zak is not as polished as the later games.
  Wonderboy Great platformer
    If I am not all to wrong this is a coin-up conversion. Usually that is a bad thing but Wonderboy is a great cute platformer. Makes me wanna eat bananas and throw axes all over. And I usually don't wanna do stuff like that. (Except when Bruno is around...) You can also ride the skateboard. And there is some really nasty toads (?) present also.
  Arkanoid Breakout the right way!
    Well, Krackout or Arkanoid as the best? I guess everybody has their own opinion. However I think Arkanoid is the best one, but Krackout also features good fun. The music of Arkanoid really rocked the C64! Simply the best breakout game there is.
  Ghouls and Ghost Best tune!
    This is actually not a best game. So why did I include it? Well, there is one reason, above them all. Ghouls and Ghost features the best C64 soundtrack there is! If you've missed that, you missed a lot!
  Montezumas Revenge - Get the gold man
    Another platformer, as most of us know, this game just got a sequel on PC. Montezumas Return, however, believe it or not - the original is best. The gfx are crappy and the control is difficult. But the game is fun, and addictive. And get you going to the bitter end, more than once...
  Exploding Fist II - Fighter with great music
    Well, walk a little around, kick the but out of some bad guys and walk some more, while beautiful atmospheric music gets you excited. Who are you going to meet next? This game is all what a good fighter is about. However the fighting is not nearly as good as in IK+ but better than in Double Dragon.


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