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Best AMIGA games:

Duppedingsen Utopia – It had a much more addictive gameplay than PC strategy
Well, the games gfx doesn't look good nowadays and that is certainly a pity as Utopia is rich in plot and knocks out most Real Time Strategy games.
If developers wasn't so in making money on Red Alert copies but used a bit of creativity and learnt a bit from Utopia, RTS would certainly be more addictive.
Duppedingsen Lemmings – Who can forget playing this in 2 player mode?
Well, I had the same feelings about this game as for Tetris.(When it came out)I did not understand why everybody was talking about it. Until..... I played it myself.... This game have it's own street in Sweden! If you got your pal over for visit you always asked him to bring his mouse so you could play two player. Wow!:

Let's go! Oh no!
Duppedingsen Populous II – A bit difficult for me, but still winner
What I miss most about Amiga is.... the creativity and uniqueness of games. The Populous series are great evidence of that. The best part of this game is actually the thing about having only indirectly control over your followers, making all a bit more difficult. Terraforming and casting destructive spells on the enemy is the second.
Duppedingsen Final Fight – This is how they all should be (Hey Mike, Turn on the TV)
I know you, you wonder WHY I did not put Street Fighter 2 or Body Blows here. Well, problem is stagefighters are dull. The Amiga lacks of good fighters (But are not alone....), Final Fight is one that stands out, in a relative weak competition. It's not utterly fantastic, but brings you good hard packed action. Wish we had more of the kind.
Duppedingsen Moonstone – Only fault with this game is the gore off function
Yes, it is a stage fighter but it is utterly fantastic! While Street Fighter 2 needs 4 disks. Moonstone only needs half to blow us away. Where MK series disappoints you, Moonstone let us slash our enemies the way we like it. And sometimes we get our heads chopped off... But it's all a part of the game. In many ways this games borrows elements from (all time classic) Barbarian!
Runners up: Street Fighter 2 
Duppedingsen Robocod – Amazing rasters, good gameplay, a bit childish though
Even if this game is all too childish for most of us this is without doubt (in hard competition with Turrican II) the most genius platformer ever made!!
Shut up all you Mario and Sonic lovers! James Pond is here to get ya! This game is supercute. The gfx makes you melt even if your long past age. And what is Santa up to? I still wonder how long Robocod can stretch...
Duppedingsen Turrican II – This is the true sequel to Giana Sisters! Great music!
Well, here it is, the best (adult) platformer ever made. The music is some masterpiece and everything else is too! It soon get clear to you that this is the sequel to Giana Sisters. (Hard'N'Heavy? Huh? What a disappointing game) Well, Turrican 2 features huge levels that keep you playing to the bitter end.
Runners up: Gods
3D games: (a bit of a laugh??)  

Hunter – Surfs up pal.
This game outs you in a 3D environment, letting you use all kinds of vehicles, even bicycles, hovercrafts and surfboards! The missions is letting the game down as the most fun is to explore the worlds, kill and destroy what you don't like. And have a whole lotta fun! The 3D gfx can't quite live up to today's standards.

Duppedingsen Frontier – Well, exploring the universe has always been exciting
This game got a lot of attention when it came because as we all know it is the sequel to Elite. Frontier is HUGE and I always wondered how can you stuff Space in such little space! The game let's you travel to all the planets you wanted (and even some you didn't) to visit. You can choose to be any side of the law. Or a bit of both. And you get a whole lot of space duels... This game should really be updated to use today's 3D technology!!! It would rule!!!! (And yes rumours has it that Elite 4 is under development, we are waiting)
Car Racing:  
Duppedingsen Super Cars II - Anything can be said about the top o' view of racing games. I would just like to say GTA..... Supercars II is still one of the most entertaining 2player games there is. The disk-drive loading is syncronised with the musik. Easy car racing gameplay with a lot of shooting and jumping. And those in between questions, just adding to the flavour.  
Duppedingsen Lotus Series - The Lotus series actually represent a trilogy of Outrun like car racing done the right way, in many ways the original game is the hardest and also tend to be the best. However the upgraded gfx and music of the sequels adds up for the easier gameplay.  


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